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Fatih is a graphic designer and creative, based in Singapore who is deeply passionate in the realm of typographic systems and graphic design, and draws his inspirations from language, history, culture, religion, and literature. The majority of his works are based on ideas of the past, recontextualised for the modern setting. Fatih holds a belief that everything around him can spark inspiration if pondered deeply enough, yet recognises that sometimes, the most profound ideas strike when he least expects them. This balance of active thinking and spontaneous inspiration fuels his creative process.


Typography & Lettering
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Design Intern
qu’est-ce que c’est design

Graphic Designer
qu’est-ce que c’est design

Graphics and UI/UX Designer

Social Media Designer
Mosque Madrasah Wakaf Shared Services

Freelance Graphic Designer


Diploma in Communication Design, with Merit

Temasek Polytechnic Director’s List 2018-2019

The Crowbar Awards 2019
‘Resurgence of Theos’
1 Silver, 4 Bronze

Singapore Packaging Star Awards
‘Flava Premium Nuts’
Student Sales and Display Category

Feature of Nura Typeface in Men’s Folio November Issue 21


GCE ‘O’ Level Certificate
Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

Diploma in Communication Design
Temasek Polytechnic

Exchange Programme
School Art & Design
UNSW Sydney

BA(Hons) Design Communication
LASALLE College of the Arts

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  • Theos Resurgence

  • 2019

  • Identity Print Editorial

  • Photography: Low Jun Jie
  • Sound Design: Danial Roslan
    • Theos Resurgence is a belief system/cult created as a social satirical commentary of the normalization of today's toxic stan culture. It aims to challenge people to rethink they way we consume media and how we treat celebrities. This modern form of worship brings negative effects upon those who excessively partake in such a culture. Theos uses the references from pop culture and religious/mythological ideas, crafted in a dark and satirical manner, creating a dialogue about the fine line between appreciation and obsession.

      • The Cult Theology

      • After years of being labelled a "mythology", six Gods from Mount Olympus resurrect back to life and manifest themselves into six music icons today. The Greek Gods and their modern counterpart relives to feed off the worship from millennials today. This implied analogy was created as a hyperbole to exaggerate the strength of worship and obsession of the people today, towards celebrities they see in the music industry.
      • Theos Testament

      • The Theos Testament is the cult's holy book, separated in 6 different parts, each about one God. The publication consists of controversies, gossips and lyrics of each God. The publication consists of controversies, gossips and lyrics of each God, written in a biblical and religious manner, drawing parallels from fandoms and religious cults. Other collaterals such as corporate stationery, website and flyers are created for marketing of the cult.