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Fatih is a graphic designer and creative, based in Singapore who is deeply passionate in the realm of typographic systems and graphic design, and draws his inspirations from language, history, culture, religion, and literature. The majority of his works are based on ideas of the past, recontextualised for the modern setting. Fatih holds a belief that everything around him can spark inspiration if pondered deeply enough, yet recognises that sometimes, the most profound ideas strike when he least expects them. This balance of active thinking and spontaneous inspiration fuels his creative process.


Typography & Lettering
Print & Editorial
Branding & Identity
2D Motion Graphics
User Interface Design


Design Intern
qu’est-ce que c’est design

Graphic Designer
qu’est-ce que c’est design

Graphics and UI/UX Designer

Social Media Designer
Mosque Madrasah Wakaf Shared Services

Freelance Graphic Designer


Diploma in Communication Design, with Merit

Temasek Polytechnic Director’s List 2018-2019

The Crowbar Awards 2019
‘Resurgence of Theos’
1 Silver, 4 Bronze

Singapore Packaging Star Awards
‘Flava Premium Nuts’
Student Sales and Display Category

Feature of Nura Typeface in Men’s Folio November Issue 21


GCE ‘O’ Level Certificate
Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

Diploma in Communication Design
Temasek Polytechnic

Exchange Programme
School Art & Design
UNSW Sydney

BA(Hons) Design Communication
LASALLE College of the Arts

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  • Singapore Fringe Festival 2020

  • 2019

  • Art Direction Typography Identity

This project was a proposal done with Deborah Neo under qu'est-ce que c'est design.

    • The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival is an annual festival of theatre, dance, music, visual arts and mixed media created and presented by Singaporeans and international artists. Themed differently each year, the Festival aims to bring the best of contemporary, cutting-edge and socially engaged works to the Singapore audience.

      As a democratic nation, we Singaporeans seem to be empowered with freedom: people are free to act, choose and speak. Yet, the supposed freedom is systemically curtailed by limitations enforced by the powers. As our nation progresses and the populace become increasingly educated, this highly regulated “freedom” in the nanny state polices is now rigorously being questioned.

      Through the use of calligram-inspired typography and the idea of pseudo-randomness, the key visual tells a story through typography which appears seemingly random. Randomness alludes to the supposed freedom Singaporeans possess. Visuals have been arranged in a highly structured and regulated manner and visually trapping the performance image within a frame, making reference to Singapore’s highly interventional democratic policies.