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Singapore-based graphic designer + creative, offering visual solutions and typography driven ideas

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Fatih Rosli

Singapore based graphic designer + creative, offering visual solutions and typography driven ideas

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Screw Typography!

Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken and some words are not meant to be read. The zine was produced using a combination of handdrawn and digital media, creating a compendium of textures, displacements, and irregularities. These were then scanned and printed showcasing the experimental nature of these textures.

Azura took inspiration from Giambattista Bodoni's late 18th century typographic revolution. This new form of typefaces was then categorised as Bodoni typefaces or modern serifs. Since then, numerous forms have been created to accommodate various purposes and the ever-changing printing press. Azura identified possibilities for revival by exaggerating its serifs and incorporating calligraphic complexions into its design, while maintaining its conventional modern serif structure. Azura is ideal for displays or headliners because of its broad verticals and delicate strokes.

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Available free for personal and non commercial uses.

Krushev Display, both in Latin and Cyrillic, is a brutalist modular typeface designed to bring attention to the appreciation of its details. The subtleties that makes up Krushev's structured personality, are the ink traps and curves of the slightly digital geometric form. Krushev was constructed using a stiff modular design due to its brutalist nature.

Brutalist architecture in Soviet Union became the dominant visual reference for the Krushev’s type structure. Krushev's energy and adamancy are encapsulated in the letterforms reflecting the piles of cold steel, concrete and cement commonly seen in Brutalist architecture in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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Available free for personal and non commercial uses.

Exodus is a multilingual typeface supporting Arabic, Hebrew and Latin, consisting of 313 glyphs. Best as a display typeface, it has a reverse contrast form which creates a unique geometry of letters, borrowing the classic Hebrew and Arabic Kufi script. ‘Exodus’ comes from the events in the book of Exodus, when the Israelites were migrated from Egypt, lead by the Prophet Moses.

The Arabic and Hebrew typeface pays tribute to the presence of the epic story in the Bible,Torah and the Quran with variations in each one. The font family represents a crossovers of beliefs and interfaith understanding among the abrahamic religions.

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Available free for personal and non commercial uses.

Theos Resurgence is a belief system/cult created as a social satirical commentary of the normalization of today's toxic stan culture. It aims to challenge people to rethink they way we consume media and how we treat celebrities.

This modern form of worship brings negative effects upon those who excessively partake in such a culture. Theos uses the references from pop culture and religious/mythological ideas, crafted in a dark and satirical manner, creating a dialogue about the fine line between appreciation and obsession.

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Art Direction & Design: Fatih Rosli
Editing: Fatih Rosli
Photography: Low Jun Jie︎︎︎
Sound Design: Danial Roslan︎︎︎

Awarded 1 Silver, 4 Bronze at The Crowbar Awards 2019

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