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Singapore-based graphic designer + creative, offering visual solutions and typography driven ideas

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Fatih Rosli

Singapore based graphic designer + creative, offering visual solutions and typography driven ideas

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Screw Typography!

Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken and some words are not meant to be read. The zine was produced using a combination of handdrawn and digital media, creating a compendium of textures, displacements, and irregularities. These were then scanned and printed showcasing the experimental nature of these textures.


Vienna is a photographic project showcased in a printed book, that makes reference from the lyrics of Vienna by Billy Joel and the romantic comedy film, 13 Going on 30. The premise of the film and the song inspired this project. Vienna recreates a scene of the film, creating a fictionalised account of a Singaporean individual returning home and experiencing that same sorrow and remorse. As she returns home, she discovers that the life she left behind hasn't changed and has been waiting for her the entire time. Photographed as film stills, Vienna serves as a metaphor for home.

Drawing parallels to Singaporean culture, it's a sentiment that most adults can relate to; in a fast-paced country like Singapore, many of us have a tendency to forget and neglect our coming of age. A lot of us are subconsciously forced to dream without cherishing the present. It serves as a reminder that fulfilment or satisfaction are not guaranteed no matter how far we go or what dreams we materialise.

When will you realise Vienna waits for you?

Theos Resurgence is a belief system/cult created as a social satirical commentary of the normalization of today's toxic stan culture. It aims to challenge people to rethink they way we consume media and how we treat celebrities.

This modern form of worship brings negative effects upon those who excessively partake in such a culture. Theos uses the references from pop culture and religious/mythological ideas, crafted in a dark and satirical manner, creating a dialogue about the fine line between appreciation and obsession.

Detailed explanation of project here︎︎︎

Art Direction & Design: Fatih Rosli
Editing: Fatih Rosli
Photography: Low Jun Jie︎︎︎
Sound Design: Danial Roslan︎︎︎

Awarded 1 Silver, 4 Bronze at The Crowbar Awards 2019

Fersken (noun.) /furs-kern/

Likened to the peach, our skin bears all the similarities of freshness and beauty, just like the delicious and juicy fruit.

Fersken curates its products from exclusive and carefully sources ingredients from the Scadinavian landscape. This sub brand under Body Shop eccentuates its brand value and offers a fresh concept towards its audience.

Photography: Belynda Wong
Art Direction: Fatih Rosli

This project is based on a fictional brief, any external assets/visuals used belong to its rightful owner.

Memoirs of the Wandering Eye

Memoirs of the Wandering Eye was made for brief by National Heritage Board, hoping to entice youth towards musuem culture in Singapore. The publication in 3 chapters, consists of journal entries of an avid young musuem goer. The entries uncovers thought processes and reflections as he ventures from one exhibit to another. This allows insight to how meaningful and valuable musuems could be for people which could embolden younger audiences to experience the same, if not better, shown in the publication.

This publication covers 3 musuems with each covering one aspect of showcase:

Singapore Art Museum - Art
National Museum - Heritage
Asian Civilisations Museum - History

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