Fatih Rosli

Singapore-based graphic designer + creative, offering visual solutions and typography driven ideas

(Or sometimes I just like to do stuff)

Fatih Rosli

Singapore based graphic designer + creative, offering visual solutions and typography driven ideas

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A Boy & His Crayon

A Boy & His Crayon is an exploration of shapes using oil pastels drawn on vintage newspaper, and spatially imagined in public spaces. The idea is rather straightforward: I believe it's necessary for me as a designer to return to the physical medium of drawing. As a kid, my dad would provide me a blue crayon and a lined notepad when he took me with him to attend weekly sermons at the mosque, just to keep me busy drawing (so I wouldn't be a nuisance running around the mosque and disturbing other patrons).

Little did he know, whatever parenting method he used on me, shaped who I am today. This work serves as a reminder of the day I received that blue crayon for the first time.

Love Conversations
Can Artificial Intelligence really "love" like humans? What does Artificial Intelligence think about love, a pure human emotion? Or does Artificial Intelligence's love just lines of code?

This absurd project challenges the reality of human feeling in AI. Throughout the entire process, we were consumed by the question, "Can Artificial Intelligence understand love?" We steadily investigated and tested the limits of AI that we could. It is a generative and archival project on finding love. The goal of the entire undertaking was to pose an impossible question. It prompts the viewer to consider the possibility that artificial intelligence could one day achieve consciousness and produce the most human of feelings, love.

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This project is based on a fictional brief, any external assets/visuals used belong to its rightful owner.

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